Call us for information on how your school can sell Ben's and make money for senior trips, prom, or other projects.

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Ben's is a family business located in Kingston the south central part of Ohio.  If you are in the area, stop by and visit.      Contact us:
Phone - 740 642-6334
E-Mail -

If you make gift baskets, Ben's 8 oz size is the perfect addition.

Ben's Sweet & Hot BBQ is like the mustard, sweet with a little heat.  It is great to put on chicken, ribs, pork or just use it to dip meat in.

Ben's Jalapeno Jelly is very unique and has some heat!  We like to put it on crackers and cream cheese for a snack.

Ben's Apple Jack Jelly is so delicious because it is loaded with cinnamon, so when you put it on toast it tastes like cinnamon toast.  Both of the jellies are unique and you can't find anything like it in the stores.

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Delicious Condiment for

Brats, Hot Dogs,​Hamburgers

Check out our new Jalapeno Shake.  It is great if you like to spice things up a bit

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We have several new products and best of all no preservatives.

Ben's Sweet & Hot

Ben's Mustard

All Natural, No Preservatives